Health, HIV/AIDS, Nutrition and Disability Development Program

Majority of the people of Bangladesh, the poor and the destitute in particular are deprived of the basic right to health care services. Health, Nutrition and Disability Development program has been developed as one of the major interventions of integrated development approach of CISD to address the problem. CISD has been implementing the program with provision for both health awareness building and properly health care services. Almost every year, Health division organizes eye camp for the poor and awareness campaign on persons with disability. In 2005-2009, the division organized eye camp, treatment camp in the project areas of the country; health care services, nutrition activities and training on health care services for its beneficiaries and outside. CISD undertook and started health related activities since its inception with a view to providing health for its beneficiaries. CISD has been implementing Health, HIV/AIDS, and Nutrition & Disability Development program with provision for health awareness building, HIV/AIDS, nutrition, disability development and primary health care services.
  • To create awareness on health related issues;
  • To rehabilitate people and children with disability specially cleft lip, cleft palate and clubfoot;
  • To make easy access to health services for the poor and destitute peoples; and
  • To keep sound health of the beneficiaries; 
Major activities: 
  • Medical service specially surgical support to the disabled children with cleft lip, palate and club foot;
  • Social Rehabilitation;
  • Health education training;
  • Day observance;
  • Nutrition & Health care;
  • Awareness building; and
  • Networking; 
Men and women in working areas are getting benefit from the Health, HIV/AIDS, Nutrition & Disability Development Program of CISD. They are taking health services directly from CISD's establishments or from the referral network.