Legal Status

As an NGO, CISD is registered with Department of Social Services and also with the NGO Affairs Bureau and Directorate of Youth Development of the PeoplesRepublicof the Government of Bangladesh. CISD also has the Tax Identification Number (TIN) and VAT Registration. Registration numbers of the organization are given below:

a. Registration Authority : Directorate of Social Welfare
  Registration Number : DHA-03609
  Date of Registration : 03/07/96
b. F D Registration Authority : NGO Affairs Bureau
  Registration Number : 1393
  Date of Registration : 17/06/99
c. Registration Authority : Directorate of Youth Development
  Registration Number : No. DYD/Dhaka-592/2005
  Date of Registration : 14/05/2005
d. Registration Authority : National Board of Revenue (NBR)
  Tax Identification Number (TIN) : 567-400-0384
  Date of Registration : 16/10/2012
e. Registration Authority : Customs, Excise and VAT
  VAT Registration Number : 18131065768, Area Code : 180303
  Date of Registration : 17/10/2012