What We Do

CISD works for community peoples by two types of supports like hardware and software to alleviate the poverty of them. The specific hardware and software supports are given below:
1. Hardware Supports:
Consists of Materials Supports to improve livelihood of Community Peoples. Types of hardware supports are given below:
a. WatSan Technologies
b. Essential Health Services and Facilities
c. Green Technologies and other Services
2. Software Supports:
Comprises of all the SERVICES needed to enhance capacity of Village Based Organization (VBO), Community Development Forum (CDF) and Community Peoples. Types of software supports are given below:
2.1 Community Mobilization:
a. Sensitization of Community Peoples
b. Promotion of Mass Awareness
2.2 Training & Capacity Building:
a. Awareness Raising Training
b. Human Skill Development Training
c. Technical Skill Development Training
2.3 Development Communication:
a. Communication with Stakeholders
b. Development of IEC & BCC Materials
2.4 Advocacy & Information Services:
a. Advocacy on Policy & Strategic Issues
b. Information Services:
    • Processing & dissemination
    • Documentation of success & learning
2.5 Environmental Management & Public Health:
a. Awareness on Adaptation to Climate Change & Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
b. Sensitization on Water & Sanitation and Public Health
c. Technical Know-how
d. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
2.6 Monitoring & Evaluation:
a. Participatory Monitoring
b. Results & Quality-based Monitoring
c. Evaluation of Program Outcome